Friday, May 21, 2010

Plane Ride

As we head into the white
Where clouds of snow and cotton candy lie
Above the mountaintops and streams
And every now and then the rooftops gleam

Look to the right—
What's that over there?
Man with a mustache, hat, and a beard?
Look to the left—
Chateaus galore
Almost like what I've seen in a storybook before
Don't look down
If you're the type to get sick
Especially when that turbulence gives you a kick
Oddly enough, we rarely look up
But what's there to see, more of that blue stuff?

This is the land where civilizations were built
Where man conquered, surrendered, and killed
This is a land where treaties were made
Between nations, nature, promises were said

It makes me wonder why is it that we're put on this Earth
What can I possibly do—
As just one in this great dearth
Yet flying so high makes the world seem so small
Maybe I can make a difference after all

[Written: 12/22/09, on a flight from Qingdao to Sanya, China]

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