Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Dating

1. A guy worth dating is a guy to whom you are attracted physically and intellectually, and who has impeccable character. But of course, you also have to be what you want.

2. Someone who genuinely likes you will make his intentions clear. If you're left wondering how a guy feels about you, then he's just not into you enough, and you need to make the conscious effort to move on. There are too many people in the world whom you haven't met for you to be stuck on a guy who isn't totally into you. Have some self respect.

3. Actions speak louder than words. No matter what he says, what he does must back it up. Go with your gut on this one.

4. (I'd prefer not to give away all my thoughts. This one's private.)

5. A fulfilling, healthy relationship consists of two individuals, independently happy with their lives, who come together to make each other happier.

6. Love should not be so complicated. Be honest and straightforward whenever possible. Don't tolerate guys who play games.

7. Never lower your standards. You are not being unreasonable in having the resolve and integrity to stand by what you want. Only by doing so will you truly be able to make yourself happy in the long-run.

8. Be good to people, and the ones worth your time will be good to you. Be good to yourself. Eat well, exercise, and pamper yourself. You deserve it!

9. Really think about what you want—not just in a guy, but in your life, career, etc.

10. The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself (and by extension of that, your family). Be your best self in your most natural, happiest state. The rest will take care of itself.


  1. deeeeep word lol

    replace 4 with
    "go with the flow. Love will come when it decides to come in the form it wishes. There is no point searching for it and no point contemplating how it will be."

  2. <3 you didihe. Wish I could be as wise as you are!