Saturday, July 3, 2010

On the 2010 NBA Free Agent Trade

Two Heads (or Three) are Better than One

The reason it's not a cut and dry decision for Lebron, Wade, and Bosh to team up right now is because they are each trying to maximize his own contract. Assuming that they (or their agents) realize that if they should choose to forgo some of their individual earnings upfront, they have the potential to win multiple championships and secure themselves nice, hefty checks for endorsements to make up for what they lost in the beginning and then some. The three may be outwardly friendly with each other, but how much of that is for public image and how much is actually game theory?

On a completely unbiased (wink wink) note, the probability of success with Chicago greatly surpasses that of Miami's (or any other team's) due to its deeper bench and supporting cast, notably the young up-and-comer Derrick Rose. There has not been potential for a group of players to even remotely resemble the Dream Team of yesteryear...until now. An acquisition by Jerry Reinsdorf of this year's free agent Big 3 would not only seal the deal on a postseason birth into the finals for the Windy City, but would also bring back the glory days when Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls ruled the NBA. To see such a matchup between the defending champion, Phil Jackson led L.A. Lakers and his former team (albeit with different players) would certainly go down as one of the epic battles in the history of the League. Not to mention, just imagine how salubrious such a finals series would be for the sport of basketball! From every angle, it would be a win-win.

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