Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playbook for those who willn't Read

[Warmup: Getting into the groove]
Reading a good book shouldn't be relaxing
Unless the author wills for you to be relaxed
It's the modern step child of movies
The manipulatee of technology retract'd

Reading a good book is an escape
An imaginative trek into our past, present, and future
[Charge forward, withdraw, repeat: Score and defend!]
It's the only cure against this obesity of the mind
Find the will to exercise and pensively nurture
That which other forms of entertainment shan't tell you why
The passivity of watching the world go by
Better judgment and use of our spare time
Because there ain't no good reasoning to wasting around
For yours, theirs, his/hers, or mine

[Half-time coach's commentary:]

Flexibility, an afterthought to be gained between the lines
Lends credence to the empowerment-inducing experience of reading a good book
[3Q inbound: Balanced tenacity of mind and heart]
For being susceptible to the idea of self-discovery by taking a good look
Leaves it all
Wide Open

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