Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sound Bytes of a Sunday Afternoon in the Quad

1:44 PM
- alarm goes off
- "oh, no, no... a little bit at a time"
- keys jingling
- "and, like, he told me... no!"
- flip flops against the cobblestone
- coughing
- garbage truck wheeling clumsily along
- faded, distant music - mellow
- keys that sound like wind chimes
- "wow! like a rock"
- creak of door opening
- "alright, I'll see you later"
- "I'll go rock climbing!"
- "not today, when we have less work"
- "I'm scared of heights!"
- humming of an alicia keys song
- "next time..."
- actually you know what? I think it's harder to wake up at 6:30"
- "hey, how is latin going?"
- a loud, chattering group walks by - many voices
- "well I gotta go get some work done and watch some football!"
- chopping of a helicopter flying overhead
- "snappy!"
- "hey, what's up... how was brunch"
- loudly chewing of gum, pop
- indistinct voices in the distance
- more flip flopping, across the lawn this time
- feet dragging on the ground, squeaky shoes
- alarm has not been turned off
- opening and closing of a door, creaking, high-heeled click, click,
walking away
- keys on lanyard hitting the stomach with every other step
- alarm not stopping
- "no! I..."
- "ok! who's looking at you?'
- airplane flying past overhead
- "87, like an hour?
- "discombobulated?! who says that?!"
- sound of duffle bags rubbing against a cotton t-shirt
- someone clearing his throat
- alarm still going strong
- "I'm dying! I have slept..."
- "gonna get bus passes"
- "how are you Adam"
- "5:30"
- "I know but I'd like some"
- two long and separated car horns
- "guys"
- latin beat of a cell phone goes off
- "due in a half-hour on Tuesday"
- "where are the fraternity houses"
- "hey, what's up?"
- alarm not shut off yet
- high-heeled click, click approaching, opening and closing of a door,
creaking, going inside
- jeans rubbing against jeans sound
- grocery bags
- alarm turned off
2:04 PM

[Written: 9/11/05]

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