Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sign of the Times: Spring 2010

Back in September, I thought it would be interesting to google each of the letters of the alphabet and see what auto-fill popped out. Roughly six months later, I conducted the same experiment and came up with slightly different results. My hope is to continue doing so until either of two things happen: (1) the results for every letter have changed from the original set, or (2) I become bored of this exercise.

Thought I'd share my highly-scientific and statistically relevant findings thus far, as like it or not, they are a sign of the times in which we live...

A is for: amazon
B is for: best buy
C is for: craigslist
D is for: dictionary
E is for: ebay
F is for: facebook
G is for: gmail
H is for: hotmail
I is for: imdb
J is for: jet blue
K is for: kohls
L is for: lowes
M is for: mapquest (9/28/09), myspace (4/7/10)
N is for: netflix
O is for: old navy (9/28/09), office depot (4/7/10)
P is for: pandora
Q is for: quotes
R is for:
S is for: southwest airlines
T is for: target
U is for: usps
V is for: verizon wireless
W is for: walmart
X is for: xm radio (9/28/09), xbox 360 (4/7/10)
Y is for: youtube
Z is for: zillow

[Results for 9/28/09 and 4/7/10]

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