Thursday, April 8, 2010

Verse: Homonyms

Throw out a word
Any word
For me to grab onto

Presents or presence
But what about sweater
That has nothing to do with sweat

Pair that with pears
Or is it just that
Moose use mousse

Dear Principal,
Follow your principles and
flee the fleas on the deer.
I've heard that the herd will
reign over the land unless
the morning rain keeps us from
mourning over the tail of the bear.
Oh, we owe it to the poor animal
at least to make this one happy tale
and not waste the honey by pouring
it over our pores.
I know the colonel has said "no"
to our request, but we are so hoarse
from feeding the kernels to the old horse.

So, try not to idle away your days
by drifting off into in a daze or sewing that
shirt for your idol.
Instead, your efforts are better spent
waiting a week.
After all, you're weak when it comes to
placing the weight where it belongs.

[Written: 10/30/05]

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