Thursday, April 8, 2010

Verse: Ho-llaween

Hey, what are you going to be for Halloween?

There's the seemingly innocent—
Oh, I'm going to be a rabbit.
I'm thinking about being a nurse.
I'm dressing up as Snow White.

The naïve mind would think these are just fine and dandy,
But the college girl mind works differently.
To get an idea of how exactly some of them think,
just add the adjective "sexy" to each costume.
Suddenly, you've got a playboy bunny,
skin-tight white uniformed nurse…
Who knew a Disney character could have such cleavage
and short skirt?

And then there's the blatant—
Can't you tell, I'm a Victoria's Secret model.
I think I'll be a hula dancer this year.
I am definitely a French maid.

Even the naïve mind would know better,
For these college girls are just looking for a character
that'll allow them to expose their fancy-looking lingerie.
What with the scandalous clothing
or lack of it
And the variety of otherwise classy material
like silk, satin, and lace
Have almost been degraded with the way they are used…

It almost seems too cliché
Either that or this practice is inherently Halloween,
Or should I say "ho"-llaween?

[Written: 10/30/05]

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