Thursday, April 8, 2010

Verse: Vengeance

A woman of emerald green
With green shoes,
And green clothes,
And green skin.
And the eyes--
I distinctly remember them:
Piercing green eyes.
The only difference in color
Was her fiery red hair
Spilling out all over,
Static to the slightest touch--
Like gasoline poured over a
Boisterous and unruly fire.

Unkempt and uncontrollable temper--
Like her red hair.

Beware of the mad woman;
She will sweep you off your feet.
Persuade you
Manipulate you
Knock you down with her conniving ways.
Beware of her innocent acts
Full of jealousy
Full of revenge
Beware of a woman in emerald green.

[Written: 9/30/05]

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